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Rotator for 350 kg rimmed metal and plastic drums

Variable geometry drum rotator Roto-Fut, enables grasping, lifting, moving and emptying of metal or plastic drums.

Standard version for handling with hoist.
Possibility of adapting sleeves for handling by forklift (optional).


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Product benefits

  • Enables handling of drums 310 mm to 600 mm in diameter, matching barrels of 60 to 220 L.
  • Tightening strap enables support of all types of drums.
  • Equipped with a rotation handle with cog locking safety and holding brake to enable stopping in all positions. Complete 360° rotation possible.
  • Fork Adapter 630 mm centre space section 200x100 mm, optional.
  • Manipulator with stacking triangles for vertical storage arrangement.

Technical data

Capacity 350 kg
Drum type
metallic or rimmed plastic drums
Drum diameter (mm) 310 to 600
Drum volume (L) 60 to 220


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