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Icone Manuvit M 1980 - 2004 : Birth and evolution of the brand

In 1980, in Ferté Macé, MANUVIT was founded by the inventor Charles Lèbre.

 Concerned about the physical hardship involved in handling loads, Charles Lèbre, forerunner in ergonomics, designed and developed many original and innovative concepts to facilitate the handling of all types of loads. His genius and his inventions were recognised several times in the Lepine awards, including once with the President of the Republic's award.


Charles Lebre invented the concept of "variable geometry" . It still represents all the EXPERTISE of our brand . Our integrated design office continues to develop and perpetuate the ingenuity of the concept. Patented, our concept has already been able to meet the challenges of handling the simplest to the most complicated . Internationally recognized , our concept is exported on 6 continents : 30% of our customers are located in export.

Icone Manuvit M 2004 - 2014 : Brand Development

In 2004, aged over 82 years old, Charles Lèbre sold his company to Mr. Roland Cattin. He was to reinforce the research department in order to continue developing the CONCEPT OF VARIABLE GEOMETRY in the fight against MSD.


Thanks to a significant growth , the workforce of Manuvit will be doubled during this period with the arrival of ten new collaborators. To ensure total control of the manufacturing process , guarantor of the quality of our appliances , Mr Cattin invests in the industrial tool : 98% of our products are manufactured in-house.

 MANUVIT  DNA is defined by:
- An innovative and progressive concept.
- Almost total control of our manufacturing processes.

Icone Manuvit M Manuvit today

2015: the year has been marked by ...

GOVERNANCE: family business, MANUVIT has been taken over by Mr. Cattin's daughter: Julia, thus guaranteeing the sustainability of the company's expertise.Design: development of our handling solutions ranges based on the concept of variable geometry.

mastery of the manufacturing process.
Attention and support for our customers throughout the life cycle of our devices, which are built to last.


INDUSTRIAL SITE: With its development in France and the International, MANUVIT invests new premises and multiply by 3 the size of its factory.

NEW RANGE: launch of the aluminum and stainless steel range of MOOVIT single masts.
Manufacturing 100% MANUVIT combining Quality, Ruggedness and Ergonomics with a wide range of standard and customised accessories.