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Icone Manuvit M Ergonomics at work

Ergonomics are defined as the study of work with a view towards adapting such work to the morphology of man. Work organisation, the article to be handled and management of the workstation are all elements to be considered for the improvement of working conditions.

Since the creation of Manuvit, employee health and reduction of hardship have always been at the centre of our concerns.

Our products are specifically designed to facilitate the handling and manipulation of loads. Improved adaptation of work to man will result in satisfaction of the operators, their comfort, their health and also the efficiency with which they attack their tasks.

MSD prevention

MSDs (or musculoskeletal disorders) are multifactorial diseases that can be caused by cumbersome work postures and repetitive or forced movements.

Suitable handling equipment and personnel trained in the correct thereof are the keys to reducing the number of MSD cases. By investing in ergonomic equipment, the employer contributes to the prevention of MSD and the costs of occupational diseases can thus be reduced.


Consequences of MSD :

  • Lost productivity.
  • Absenteeism and departure.
  • Loss of production capacity.
  • Loss of efficiency and adaptability.
  • Indirect and direct costs for the company.

MSD in fugures :

  • MSD is the first ranking occupational disease.
  • MSD now reprensents over 85% of occupational diseases.
  • An increase of 20% per year.
  • 45 565 MSD cases in 2011.
  • The average cost of an MSD is 21 512 € per employee.


MSD Brochure

Icone Manuvit M Aid made available to businesses

Some agencies such as CARSAT (in France) make tools available to companies that enable businesses to define preventive actions appropriate to their situation, and provide grants if certain conditions are met.

The company, whatever its size, can also benefit from advice on the applicable legislation and employer obligations.

For more information on the grants and subsidies available to you, consult your nearest CARSAT from the adjoining tab.