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1  ton electric high lift pallet stacker

Pallet truck designed for intensive use.

Excellent build quality, powerful and long charge life.

Product benefits

  • Ergonomic through a fork carriage positioned so as not to impede the operator's visibility.
  • 2 lifting speeds depending on load.
  • Security watertight pump with pressure regulator.
  • Robust and reliable chassis and components.
  • Adjustable front stabilisers and safety chock for total immobilisation.

Technical data

  • Lifting by hydraulic 800W micro generator.
  • Battery charger included.
  • Battery charge indicator.
  • Key circuit breaker.
Lifting Electric
Capacity (T)
min-max lifting height (mm)
Fork length(mm)
total length(mm)
lifting speed (secondes)
Weight (kg)
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