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LEV300 stacker

Our VARIABLE GEOMETRY design is THE solution for your handling requirements from the most simple to the most complex.
Its added value lies in the adaptability of the chassis relative to the load to be handled and approaching constraints.
Intended for intensive use, our design is recognised for:
- The ERGONOMICS offered to the operator.
- The RELIABILITY of the mechanisms over time.
- The DIVERSITY of standard or custom accessories.


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Product benefits

I. Reliability:
- Absolute control over the manufacturing process.
II. Ergonomic:
- Chassis modularity, adapting to loads and environment.
III. Safety:
- Compliant with regulations and standards.
IV. Accessory equipment:
- Extensive range of standard accessories.
- Development of tailor-made solutions by our integrated design office.

Technical data

Capacity on forks
300 kg
(depends on equipped accessory)
versions Manual or semi-electric
variable mast width(mm) from 400 to 800
lifting height (m) 1.40 - 1.70 - 2.00
Ø front nylon bogies (mm) Ø 80
Ø rear nylon wheels with brakes (mm)
Ø 125
See the technical table
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