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Automatic clamps for metal and plastic L-Ring drums 60-120 - 220 L

Fully automatic clamps, designed for handling metal and plastic L-Ring drums of 60 to 220 L.


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Product benefits

  • Automatic tightening on the drum when lifting.
  • Removal of the drum by loosening the jaws automatically when the drum touches the ground.
  • Solid fixation tested on uneven floors.
  • Equipped with a safety system in case of sudden braking.

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Technical data

  • Gripper head positioning depending on the height of the drum.
  • Gripper head equipped with a jaw with an upper and lower gate, actuated by a set of connecting rods and springs.



1 drum
2 drums
Capacity (plastic drums)
250 kg 500 kg
Capacity (metal drums)
500 kg 1000 kg
Total dimensions(mm) 780 x 780 x 885 780 x 920 x 950
Weight 43 kg 99 kg




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